Back pain stretches

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Swing your hips for therapy

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OLKIControl: Optimal Tool for Body Control

OLKIControl is a ground breaking exercise device developed to enhance physical performance and prevent injuries through intuitive core activation. Test results have been outstanding and OLKIControl has become an instant hit among elite athletes and coaches around the world. The device is already in use in several top class tennis academies in the United States and Russia. This innovation, patented by former Finnish tennis professional Olli Rahnasto and his wife Kirsi, former professional dancer, brings a whole new dimension to training and physical rehabilitation.

X Factor Lies in Intuitive Core Activation

This unique device activates deep core muscles and helps its user to feel and control the muscles through dynamic movement. The deep muscles are activated during a rotating movement of the device while the body position minimizes the activation of other muscle groups. Thus energy transmits straight into the deep abdominal muscles. Exercising with OLKIControl helps one to find an optimal way to activate the stabilizing core muscles and prevents the mobilizing muscles from acting as stabilizers. Also the lumbar spine`s deep stabilizing muscles are activated separately and efficiently by the device.

Added Value to Training

OLKIControl enables users to become aware of their deep core activation, which transfers easily to actual sport performance and technique control due to enhanced control of the body and core support. After 10 years of research, testing and product development, the device also proved to have significant benefits for back injury prevention and rehabilitation. OLKIControl is easily integrated into overall body maintenance methods both for health and sporting purposes. This light and easy-­‐to-­‐use device has become very popular and well-­‐tolerated among patients in pain.

Highly Recommended

The product has been tested and is in use at the Finnish Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU). Based on their experiences OLKIControl can be utilized in several ways and by multiple user groups. Sami Kalaja, Director of KIHU, says that a compact and effective non-­‐electric device can be a great tool for workplaces and it brings an extra kick to exercising. ‐ This is an excellent tool to exercise the rotator muscles. The device is easy to transport and applies well to sport performance as the training is done in standing position, Kalaja describes. Kalaja recommends the benefits from OLKIControl training to everyone from beginners to elite athletes, youngsters to seniors, students and office workers. ‐ It boosts actual sport performance and prevents injuries through strengthened muscles and enhanced body control. Award-­‐winning physiotherapist and a former head of physiotherapy for the Finnish Olympic Committee Seppo Pehkonen also recommends training with OLKIControl to basically everyone. ‐ When using this device the order of muscular activation changes resulting in a change in the motor control in the brains. One learns how to activate the deep core muscle at an earlier stage, which improves body functions through better core support, Pehkonen enlightens.

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